Saturday, May 24, 2008

You Said It...

In the annals of the game board history Mysore occupies a prominent place as a centre where game boards, pawns and dice were manufactured, this is attested by the fact that major museums across Europe and America have beautiful specimens credited to the province of Mysore and its rulers Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar and his successors.

From a very long time there is a marked fall in the manufacture of these artefacts due to the fact that it is commercially unviable and very few people know the art of play. Ramsons Kala Pratishtana has involved itself in the endeavour of promoting these two traditions - gaming and craft.

To revive any languishing art or craft tradition is a very expensive proposition due to the fact that almost everything involved with the tradition has to be researched, reworked and revitalised and presented in the present context which involves precious manpower, energy, time and finance.

It was with the intention of preserving this cultural heritage that RKP has presented the second edition of Kreedaa Kaushalya.

Following are some rave reviews by visitors to the exhibition.
  • "A step towards preserving ancient Indian games and culture."- Dr. B.R. Subramanya, Mysuru.
  • "Gives us an idea how people in the past used to amuse themselves."- N. Puneeth, National University of Singapore.
  • "Great effort - can only imagine the pains taken."- Ravi Cavale, Bengaluru.
  • "Very commendable effort. Would like to work with you to take this forward."- Rustam Vania, Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bengaluru.
  • "Very impressed. Proud that you are based in Mysore."- Dr. Prashanth Rao, Mysuru.
  • "Brilliant idea and very well organised."- P.V. Srilatha, Mysuru.
  • "Really well researched and produced show."- Suniti Salam, Researcher on traditional textiles, Mysuru.
  • "A very genuine effort in conserving some vignettes of our heritage and culture."- T.S. Satyan, Ace photographer, Mysuru.
  • "Awesome! I could sit for hours here... Now I know that atleast SOME part of history is fun!!!"- Sharanya Rao, Mysuru.
  • "It is a pleasure to visit Ramsons. There is always something new, innovative and unique. Please keep it up."- Parsram Mangharam, Author, Ravi Varma The Prince Among Painters.
  • "A well researched project which deserves appreciation."- Mangala Narasimhan, Crafts Council of Karnataka, Bengaluru.
  • "A good attempt to trace our heritage."- Prof. J. Shashidhar Prasad, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Mysore.
  • "Excellent! Very unusual and and unique experience."- Sushma Manjunath, Producer, Kasturi Channel, Bengaluru.
  • "It was really nice seeing such wonderfully crafted games which one remembers playing many years ago. Brings back beautiful memories."- Sharada Nagendra, Bengaluru.

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