Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mission Statement

Kreedaa Kaushalya is a passion project of our art foundation 'Ramsons Kala Pratishtana'. The main objective of this foundation is to promote craft forms. So, while working on this passion project, we have brought together two diverse traditions - Board Game Tradition and Craft Tradition.

We have identified about 35 craft clusters across India like Mysore, Bangalore, Channapatna, Sri Kalahasti, Solapur, Navalgund, Shantiniketan, Varanasi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Etikoppaka, etc. We have hand picked best-suited craftspersons for our work and extensively worked with them, first to understand their craft form completely so that we can speak with them in their own craft language (each craft form can be seen as a language and as languages differ from each other, so do craft forms) and later we provide them with our designs which were developed by designers of our art foundation.

Developing any product anew is a long drawn and time consuming process. Time consumed is directly proportional to remoteness of the craft cluster. After a considerable time a product is developed successfully. For every successful product created, there is one failure.

In spite of all these we do not want to go in for mass produced board games like those that are printed on paper or screen printing on cloth or canvas and plastic counters. Whatever product we develop, we ensure that it is a hand crafted one.