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Kreedaa Kaushalya 2022 videos


Kreedaa Kaushalya 2022 Inauguration

9th edition of Kreedaa Kaushalya exhibition was inaugurated on 24 April 2022 at 6.30 pm. Following are some photographs from the inaugural ceremony.

Kreedaa Kaushalya 2022 Invitation


Kreedaa Kaushalya 2022 Brochure



Play is integral to all forms of social beings. Animals and birds indulge in playful times just as we do. Though food and safety dictate life’s general course, it becomes a celebration if indulged in some passionate play. That is the very reason why we see games throughout human evolution. Outdoor or indoor, games have been evolving just as we humans are progressing. Senet of Pharoahs, Ludo of Quins, Mancala of Aksumites, Ulama of MesoAmerica stand as shining examples of favorite pastimes through the ages. They offer an exciting insight into a bygone era, acting like time capsules. Worldwide, there are hundreds of board games that were played by people of ancient civilizations. Many of them have still not been fully deciphered. Indian board games, likewise, are an enigma for researchers. Their time of origin remains unknown. They are almost always entwined with one or two regional identities, versions, stories and legends. Understanding these games and reintroducing them is the crux of Kreedaa Kaushalya. Here comes another updated version this summer!

Lockdown has been hard on everybody at individual and community level. While life in general is an uphill challenge, an added stress of lockdown was the final straw. Social interaction and gaming hangout with an added advantage of  cultural revival, is long overdue. Kreedaa Kaushalya is a perfect place for just that, this summer.

Medically it is proven that playing boardgames infuses our brain with happy neurochemicals resulting in reduced stress and anxiety; why don’t we do just that with our own forgotten board games?

Ramsons has designed and curated games with its creative team and interesting collaborations across many craft clusters of India. This year, in the focus are some select crafts of Karnataka which have been GI (Geographical Index) tagged by the Government of India. First is the Mysore inlay circular Chess table. Second are colourful Jamkhanas of Navalgunda, with woven patterns of Pagaday and Chaukabara, in different sizes. Exclusive game boards created in sensuous silks with jari weaving, are the third in the list. Finally, the Lambani womenfolk have conjured vivid gameboards in their traditional embroidery. Chakravyuha is a new circular game designed by our in-house game designer, on the lines of the popular Chaukabara. All these have been created by the design wing of Ramsons.

The expo is at our flagship store, 'Ramsons', in front of Zoo.

Every game board and its accessories is an artefact worthy of being family heirlooms. Buying and playing the boardgames of Kreedaa Kaushlaya not only illuminates your home with fun, laughter and happiness, but also supports the art and crafts of our land. Old games shine anew, while some new innovations have been set to challenge the gamer in you. Come to this board game extravaganza, play and have fun with your loved ones.


Kalighat style Patachitra by artist Anwar Chitrakar of Kolkata adorn this brochure. The bold flowing lines of varying thickness are employed by the artist to depict the roundness (modeling) of the figures which is the unique aspect of this style which developed as Bazar art around the Kali temple of Kalighat of Kolkata from mid 19th century up until early 20th century.

Along with the images depicting gods and goddesses of Hindu pantheon, the Patua artists of Kalighat painted scandalous affairs of Kolkata's Bhadralok (bourgeoisie) thus poking fun at the latter. The aesthetic of the common man and his wife as depicted in this style, has informed the artist to create these two paintings which was commissioned by Ramsons Kala Pratisthatana and the same was used as the cover images for the brochure of 9th edition of Kreedaa Kaushalya exhibition.