Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Board Games Researchers and Booklet

L-R: R.G. Singh, H.S. Dharmendra (Raghu) and Dr. C.R. Dileep Kumar Gowda. 2014
Here we are, all three of us together in a single frame. We are the crazy ones who are more interested in the floors at the temples rather than the architecture or sculpture; well, to be honest we also look out for those but the first preference is to get our noses rubbing on the floor.

Dr. Dileep is the one who has found the games at the weirdest of places like inside a well. He is also the quickest among we three. Yours-truly is always busy clicking away the game patterns which Dileep has scouted. While we two are busy with this thing, RG goes about assuaging the paranoia of the local folk who are bewildered by our behaviour. RG also talks them into playing those games with him and thus we learn more about games and their local variations.

All our efforts of several years are being compiled into a booklet which is being designed by yours-truly. It will have few anecdotes, comprehensive instructions on rules of games and a whole section which has photographs of game patterns from different places.

I am sure that it would make a good and interesting read for all who are interested in board games.

I am feeling narcissistic and here's one more pic of us... We look younger here because it was in Dec. 2007.