Friday, June 17, 2016

Musings on the Book 'Traditional Indian Boardgames'

Following is a review of our book which has been voluntarily penned by Mr. K.R. Kumar, Retired Deputy Director of Central Food Technology and Research Institute, Mysuru.

The need for an authentic, concise, practical guide on the traditional board games, especially with reference to India is fully met in this newly published book (Ramsons Kala Prathistana, 2016), p. 80, with nearly 120 drawings and sketches.

The book is authored by the enthusiastic trio, Sri. R.G. Singh, Sri. H.S. Dharmendra and Dr. C.R. Dileep Kumar, after their extensive 'study-and-discussion' tours. 

The contents comprise the chapters on introduction, the enchanting world of board games, their origin encompassing the contribution of Mysore Maharaja, how the games (20) are played, their rules to be followed and the details on the requirements so that the games can be enjoyed fully.

The book is extensively illustrated with appropriate site photographs and illustrative paintings on topical subjects, executed by renowned artists, which convey authenticity to the subject detailed.

They have indicated the details regarding the board games immortalised in brick and stone which can still be seen by the curious players by visiting the places.

The book is only one of its kind and can serve as a games compendium for ready use.

A note on the sources and references would have enhanced the utility of the book. 

The authors deserve full appreciation for bringing out a book sought by novices and game connoiseurs 

Deputy Director (Rtd), CFTRI, Mysuru.

You can read more about this book here.


Jonty said...

Very Much interesting game. I really like this game. This is the best strategy board games. Thanks

thedreamer said...

Hello, how can I get hold of this book? Would love to read it and spread the word. I'm an Instagram influencer.