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Programmes at the Colloquium at Nuremberg

Here is the program schedule of the 19th International Board game Studies Colloquium which will be held at Nuremberg, Germany from 12 to 16 April 2016.

Preliminary Agenda of BGS XIX 2016

TUESDAY / 12th April

18/30  Informal Reception and Accreditation
            German Games Archive Nuremberg, Pellerhaus, 1st floor
            Egidienplatz 23, 90403 Nuremberg

WEDNESDAY / 13th April

SESSIONS: Ancient Times / Chess and chess-related / Medieval Games
8/30    Accreditation
9/00    Ajax and Achilles playing Pente Grammai Redux – several more sub-realities that may lurk behind Execias’ most famous vase : Peter Shotwell, Las Cruces
9/30    Stranger Games: The life and times of the spintriae: Eddie Duggan, Ipswich
10/15  Coffee Break
10/45  Draughts (checkers) and Chess in Germany : Arie van der Stoep, Utrecht
11/15  Schada – The World Game : Fred Horn, Den Haag
11/45  The Mantrin in Traditional Indian Chess and his Peculiar Notion of War : Maria Schetelich, Leipzig
12/30  Lunch
14/00  Social importance of board games in feudal states of northwestern India of the 18th and 19th century : Leander A. Feiler, Riemerling
14/45  Coffee Break
15/15  The History and Distribution of Táb: A Survey of Petra’s Gaming Boards and a first attempt at programming Táb playing rules : Alex de Voogt, New York
15/45  From Ludus latrunculorum to Hnefatafl (and beyond) : Matthias Teichert, Göttingen
16/30  Medieval board games carved in stone in Falaise Castle: Sylvestre Jonquay, Angerville-l'Orcher
17/00  The Game of the Universe : Adrian Seville, London
18/30  Formal Reception
            (Hirsvogelsaal, Hirschelgasse 9-11, 90403 Nuremberg)

THURSDAY / 14th April

SESSIONS: Game Pieces / Modern History / Theory
9/00    Proto-Chess: No! Proto-Chessmen: Yes! Origin of Chess – New Considerations and Conclusions : Manfred A. J. Eder, Kelkheim
9/30    Lost in Transition: Game artefacts on display and the quest for provenance : Elke Rogersdotter, Uppsala
10/15  Coffee Break
10/45  Theory of the introduction of Shogi via Southeast Asia: Viewed from the forms of Makruk pieces : Yasuji Shimizu, Kashihara
11/15  German wooden games pieces. Unique objects The collection of Werner Pöll 17-10-1940 – 25-10-2003 : Wim van Mourik, Veenendaal
12/00  Lunch
13/00  Guided Tour: The renaissance part of the Pellerhaus
14/00  Golok Dhām – a late 19th century Bengali promotion game : Jakob Schmidt-Madsen, Copenhagen
14/30  For a Limited Time Only – Advertising and Premium Games : Bruce Whitehill, Eickeloh
15/15  Coffee Break
15/45  ROVO - History of the Company Erich Röber Apparatebau : Jakob Gloger , Leipzig
16/15  Through the Lens of Choice, Randomness and Interaction: 20 Years of Spiel des Jahres Winners : David King, London
16/45  About the Correlation amid the Physical and Mental Appearance of a Game : Borko Tepina, Ljubljana
18/00  Guided Tour through the Altstadthof Brewery and Cellars
19/00  Colloquium Dinner (Altstadthof Brewery: Bergstraße 19, 90403 Nuremberg)

FRIDAY, 15th April

SESSIONS: Haba Excursion / Theory / Social and Educational Aspects
8/00    Bus departure to Bad Rodach at the Pellerhaus
            German Games Archive, Egidienplatz 23, 90403 Nürnberg
10/00  Guided tour through Haba Manufactory
12/00  Lunch
12/30  Return to Nuremberg
14/00  planned arrival in Nuremberg
14/30  Ancient Board Games – emblems of creation : Chris van de Riet, Goor
15/00  Togyzkumalak, the “algebra of shepherd” History, current practice and mathematical aspects : Jean Retschitzki, Fribourg
15/45  Measuring Drama in Goose-like games : João Pedro Neto and Jorge Nuno Silva, Lisbon
16/15  Rithmomachia – Erudite Pastime or Educational Game : Sophie Caflisch, Zurich
17/00  Coffee Break
17/30  Intercultural aspects of (board) games : Ralf Kuhn, Saarbrücken
18/00  Considering Transcultural German Conversation Lessons Using Traditional Japanese Games : Asuka Yamazaki, Kyoto
18/30  The Japanese Period of Alex Randolph : Cosimo Cardellicchio and Guiseppe Baggio, Bari
20/00  Get Together, game playing and insight into the collection of the German Games Archive, including display collection of Alex Randolph’s prototypes

SATURDAY, 16th April

Sessions: Social and Educational Aspects
9/00    Cultural Play – A tangible interactive board game project on the religious monuments of Singapore : Ng Ee Ching, Singapore
9/30    History Teaching with Ancient Board Games : Marco Tibaldini, Bergamo
10/15  Coffee Break
10/45  Are we playing the game or is the game playing us? : David Parlett, London
11/15  One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure: An Investigation Into the Culture of Board Games and Yard Sales : Michele R. King, Williamsburg
12/00  Top Stories: Narrative Qualities of Traditional Games : Francesca Berti, Tübingen
12/30  The game as a motor of social development : Tom Werneck, Haar
13/15  Farewell Lunch
15/00  After Colloquium Excursion

            Museum of Industrial Culture and its computer and digital games collection (Guided Tour) Museum of Industrial Culture, Äußere Sulzbacher Straße 62 90491 Nuremberg

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