Monday, January 18, 2010

The Search for Ganjifa

Following is an article on Ganjifa card game by Rudi von Leyden which was published in June 1983 issue of The India Magazine. This magazine is long extinct now. Hope this article will be useful for people who wanna know more about the Ganjifa card game.


YOSEE said...

Thank you for posting the atrticle here. It was very illuminating, with exhaustive info.

H.S. Dharmendra said...

[yosee] I am glad that you liked the article. I had always wanted to post on ganjifa but never found proper material. Instead of waiting for something to inspire me to write, I posted the printed article .

Unknown said...

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Culture said...

Nice gam4e pictures i hope this article will be useful for me and other peoples.

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