Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Play Navakankari

Well, this post was not very helpful, hence I have created a new post here which gives detailed instructions of how to play Navakankari.


pc said...

Interesting post. read all your posts on board games. I saw this game being played in a square in Bern, and didn't know what it was. Thanks a lot for this post.

Btw, your animation is not working. The image is converted to png by blogspot I guess.

H.S. Dharmendra said...

Hi Prakash, thanks for your valuable comments. Can you please enlighten me on how to make a gif animation play on the blogspot?

I also tried to play your Adu Huli beta version. But whenever I click on a vacant point to place a sheep, nothing happens and I get an error message.

Your effort to create the online playable version of Aduhuli is highly appreciated. I will give a link to it, once it is running properly, in my blog.

Is it possible to embed the same as a post in my blog?

If you happen to visit Mysore then please drop in at our store where you can find loads of other games as well. Also would look forward to interact with you personally. Thanks a lot.

Abhi said...

This is an interesting board game. And the effort you guys are making is amazing. I can see that a lot of study and discovery has gone into finding these lost board games. I would love to drop into your store when I visit mysore next time. I think these games can be a real hit if they are taken to the masses. Let me kno if I can be of any help to spread these games.

Anonymous said...

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