Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inauguration of Kreedaa Kaushalya 2009

Well known Kannada movie director, Sri K.S.L. Swamee (a.k.a. Ravee) and wife Smt. B.V. Radha (well known actress) came into the Pratima Gallery on the late Friday afternoon of 10 April 2009. The gallery was decked up with beautiful display of game boards and game accessories which were created in 29 craft forms of the country.

Dr. C.R. Dileep Kumar explained the guests about the game boards and how to play them.

The couple were completely engrossed with looking at the beautiful kalamkari game boards, game boards on low stools and pawns. As they came to the main display of the exhibition, they froze in their tracks, struck with wonder.

A part of a traditional brahmin's house stood in front of them complete with all details. The jagali with a tiled roof supported by wooden pillars, clothes hanging on rafters, old photographs, traditional rangoli designs on the wall ('kaarli'), a doorway opening into a small room which had a old display case, a small altar and a corner stand gave an authentic look to this main installation.

Radha and Ravee were excited looking at the house; they stepped onto the jagali and sat down to play a game of dice on the Navalgund Dhurry which had a central pagade woven into it.
Ravee was well versed with the game while Radha struggled to outwit her husband. These light moments coupled with a lively conversation regaled the audience.

Thus the couple inaugurated the exhibition in unique way. A nostalgic Ravee spoke about his childhood, education and formative years in Mysore and was highly appreciative of the organisers for meticulous arrangements. Smt. Radha spoke later and thanked Ramsons Kala Pratishtana for inviting the couple to inaugurate the event.
Among the audience present were Sri R.N. Murthy of Rangsons Group, Dr. T.M. Gopal, Smt. Radha Gopal, Dr. Nagaraj Sharma, veteran journalist Sri Krishna Vattam and Sri M.B. Singh

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