Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mancala Board - New Designs

The design wing of Ramsons Kala Pratishtana has created following mancala boards also called as Aligulimane or Chennemane or Pallanguli, using different craft traditions.

This is a brass mancala board crafted using 'cire purdue' or lost wax process. Along with regular double rows of seven pits, the board has two larger storage pits. The uniqueness of this design is that the traditional design of 'prabhavali', the arch topped with 'keerthimukha', has been used here to surround the two storage pits. The board stands on four legs designed like that of a lion. Two sides have been intricately crafted with the motif of a 'gandaberunda' in the centre. This beautifully crafted board is a collector's delight.

This is one more board with a slight difference in which each storage pit is shown as wide open mouth of a lion.

The above two boards have been crafted out of copper sheets with a splash of bright enamel. Usually we come across mancala boards in which the pits seem to be scooped out of the board. But in these boards pits are like two rows of cups kept side by side.


SandyCarlson said...

This blog is wonderful. Fascinating. I am learning quite a lot. It's nice to know the history of these games.

Anonymous said...

how can you get hold of a board?

Unknown said...

You give very nice informatin.
"vaikunTha pALi " / parama pada sopana paThamu -/ vamana gunta ;; puli and meka judamu ( Goat and tiger game ); ashta chamma ( = 8 and 4 coins game ) - are practiced in Andhra pradesh.
This will helpful as additional information.
Thank You.
( kadambari pidurika ; / konamanini.blag ; chitralekhanam.blag )

Anonymous said...

vaikuntha pali; daDi games are played in Andhra Pradesh.
Thank you for your blog.